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contests start end cost per photo prize placesstatus
В ожидании лета 2014-04-02 2014-05-02 3 pdm 3 soon
Каждый автор может представить на конкурс только ОДНУ работу. После размещения на сайте работы НЕ МОГУТ БЫТЬ ИЗМЕНЕНЫ каким-либо образом. Всем хорошего света и удачных кадров! Организатор конкурса: Евгений Мартысюк
* * *
Mirror of the soul 2011-03-26 2011-03-31 5 pdm 3 finished
The competition should take part photo An image of the eye, as the main focus photos, capture the emotions of man and reveals his image and the soul. Photos do not correspond to the contest topic will be removed from the competition without reimbursement of PDM.
* * *
Lady in red 2011-03-29 2011-04-09 5 pdm 8 finished
to participate in the competition must send a photo of the portrait section or glamor depicting a woman in a red dress as a symbol of sensuality and passion.
* * *
SPACE - Jump to the universe 2011-04-04 2011-04-11 3 pdm 4 finished
To participate in the competition you need to send a photo of any section (except nude photos), symbolic or associated with the World Day of Aviation and Space - April 12. P O E H A L I!
* * *
Moments of happiness ! 2011-04-10 2011-04-23 5 pdm 8 finished
Share with us your happy moments. The photos must be from portrait and genre section.
* * *
Spring in the City 2011-04-24 2011-05-06 5 pdm 8 finished
Spring - a time when everything wakes up from winter sleep and blooms. Time for change, hope and joyful at all! The contest photos of urban scenes in this wonderful period.
* * *
Gardens in bloom 2011-05-07 2011-05-19 5 pdm 8 finished
to participate in the contest photos taken from the section nature, landscape and macro. Photo must depict the beautiful period of flowering gardens and early spring.
* * *
Children's emotions 2011-05-20 2011-05-31 5 pdm 8 finished
The contest photos of the sections of Children, Portraits and Genre. The main criterion of picture should be showing not just the child, and it all emotions such as joy, surprise, sadness, anger, etc.
* * *
There lived an old Beetle 2011-06-01 2011-06-13 5 pdm 8 finished
The competition is open to photographers from the macro section, the protagonist of the story of course - the Beetle.
* * *
Sweet couple. 2011-06-14 2011-06-27 5 pdm 8 finished
The contest section of the portrait photographs, and genre. The photograph should be portrayed two characters both male and female is clearly in love or not indifferent to each other.
* * *
Pretty woman ! 2011-06-28 2011-07-11 5 pdm 8 finished
The woman is beautiful in itself, but with a nice selection of jewelry makes her irresistible. But even the biggest diamonds can not outshine the glow eye beauty. After all, adornment - it's just a precious frame for the masterpiece of nature - of feminine beauty. The contest received photos of women with jewelry.
* * *
Milk River 2011-07-12 2011-07-25 5 pdm 8 finished
To participate taken pictures of women during breastfeeding.
* * *
View from a height 2011-07-26 2011-08-08 5 pdm 8 finished
to participate in the competition must send a photo of the city section, or genre. Look down on urban landscapes, architectural monuments and rural landscapes.
* * *
21 September - International Day of Peace. 2011-09-11 2011-09-24 10 pdm 4 finished
Twenty-five years ago, the General Assembly proclaimed the International Day of Peace as a day of global ceasefire and nonviolence. Since then, he says the United Nations. It is designed to make people not only think about the world, but to do something for him.
* * *
October 4 - World Animal Day. 2011-09-25 2011-10-08 10 pdm 4 finished
The protection of animals from many countries expressed their willingness to organize a variety of annual public events. This holiday is not connected with the name of any particular organization or country, it was created for anyone who wants to exist on our planet rich fauna and none of the surviving animals did not disappear from the face of the earth. Animal Day is set to raise public awareness of the need to protect the environment, increased activity in animal welfare.
* * *
5 October - World Teachers Day. 2011-09-26 2011-10-08 10 pdm 4 finished
Teachers are central to any process aimed at improving the educational level, and depends on them, so that people have learned to live peacefully together, and the world to get rid of discrimination. That's when the need for teachers is particularly great, it is regrettable that many countries lack them.
* * *
6 October - International Day for the doctor. 2011-09-27 2011-10-08 10 pdm 4 finished
At the initiative of the World Health Organization on the first Monday in October the International Day of the doctor. This is a day of solidarity and activism of doctors around the world. In 1971, an International medical humanitarian organization "Doctors without Borders» - Medecins Sana Frontieres, MSF. Among the founders - the International Red Cross, Order of Malta and UNICEF. Each year about 700 medical workers are working in MSF hot spots around the world.
* * *
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2012 ! 2011-12-19 2012-01-08 5 pdm 4 finished
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2012 !
* * *
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