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Photographer Alexander Tolchinskiy | Personal photos page


Alexander Tolchinskiy

registred: 27-01-2005 09:34
born at: 1972-12-03 | 41 years old
last visit: 5 days ago

Мое имя Александр,родился в СССР,Украина,в красивом городе Львов.Сейчас проживаю в Израиле.Фотографией увлекаюсь с возраста 7 лет.Считаю,что фотография это искусство,которое возникает в то мгновение,когда сталкиваются документальность и точность кинематографа и неограниченная фантазия живописи.

My name Alexander, was born in the USSR, Ukraine, in the beautiful city of Lvov. Now I live in Israel. In a photo I take a great interest from age of 7 years. I consider that the photo is art which arises during that instant when documentation and accuracy of a cinema and unlimited imagination of painting face. It is always glad to criticism, councils from colleagues. Is glad to participate in joint projects.

photo : Krakow 2825 | photographer : Alexander Tolchinskiy

Krakow 2825

photo : Tel-Aviv 6504 | photographer : Alexander Tolchinskiy

Tel-Aviv 6504

photo : Tel-Aviv 7496 | photographer : Alexander Tolchinskiy

Tel-Aviv 7496

photo : Tel-Aviv 7697 | photographer : Alexander Tolchinskiy

Tel-Aviv 7697

photo : Tel-Aviv 6557 | photographer : Alexander Tolchinskiy

Tel-Aviv 6557

photo : Tel-Aviv 5518 | photographer : Alexander Tolchinskiy

Tel-Aviv 5518