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событие | Fotosession on Krimea May 13th to May 22th

«Fotosession on Krimea May 13th to May 22th»

опубликовано Friedrich Bartels

Hi! I am looking for 2 female models, age from 18 to 45, that will go with me to Krimea / Evapatoria from May 13 th to around May 22nd.
No sex!
Car, flat (3 rooms), food will be payed. Little gage may be possible.
We drive from Kiev to Krimea with my car or meet there. I plan to have 4 to 6 hours of fotoshoots every day. Places sould be at the Black Sea or in the beautifull nature in spring. Styles: Portrait, fashion, lingerie, artistic nude.
Model should speak some english or german.
Applications please by mail to foto@friba-photo.de
Write me your questions. They will be answered.
I am a friendly, honest person and I want to learn more about this beautifull country and the people living there. I will be in Ukraine for the 6th time, on Krimea it will be the 1st time. I speak only a little russian.
Something about my works you find in my profile here.

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