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terms of use

Welcome to PHOTODOM.COM website.

  • Unit of time - the number of hours allotted to a particular action (default 24).
  • TOC - technicality, originality, and composition. Used in the voting for the photo.
  • Extra - an opportunity to send additional photos in spite of the limitations of status (paid option).
  • Management reserves the right to perform any action with respect to the photographs or the author without his knowledge (eg, removal of photos rating, photo removal, lowering the status, etc.)
  • Moderators have every right to manipulate a photo or comments (istpravlenie, delete, etc.) without providing any explanation of the author, as well as to pass this or that action to the administrator.
  • Use automation equipment for grading, add comments or register new accounts. Their use entails removing the account from which such actions were carried out.
  • Allowed to send only photos for which you have the right to publish. Remember that you must have the consent model for the publication.
  • If you model and expose the photos taken by others, you should also have the right to publish. When posting in the section «Model» the model itself should indicate the author's photo (if the photographer against the mention of his name under the photo, you must explicitly write about it).
  • Recommend your own photos. Recommend to your photos could only other people.
  • Recommendphotos, in whose creation you have taken any part.
  • For photos, participating in the rating should be open the possibility of commenting.
  • Not be posting pictures depicting or containing scenes of violence. The exception is photographs, reports on events in which these elements are present.
  • Place propaganda and public demonstration of Nazi attributes or symbols, incitement to incite ethnic hatred.
  • Nedopuskaetsya posting pictures in which the use of religious symbolism is used to insult or humiliate the feelings of believers.
  • Strictly forbidden to use the mat (anywhere, in any form).
  • Do not insult other users SITE, rudeness, public explanation of relations in the form of offensive, indecent behavior.
  • Do not trolling, public provocation, incitement to acts of community members who have their disadvantages posledstviyayu.
  • Creation of provocative comments, twigs, messages, names of pictures, nicknames, etc., the purpose of which cause conflicts or offend the community.
    • AMATEUR:
    • allowed one photo per unit of time of no more than 200KB.
    • Vote for a photo
    • Commenting photos
    • Allowed 2 photos per 36 hours of no more than 250kb.
    • Vote for a photo
    • Commenting photos
    • Comment recommendation
    • Allowed 3 pictures per unit of time of no more than 300Kb.
    • Vote for a photo
    • Photos commentations.
    • Comment recommendation
    • Photos recommendation.
  • Unit of time, the status and size of upload files can be viewed as moderators of the site in its sole discretion to individual or party to provide website links to other gallery RESOURCES.
  • FEATURED PHOTO - naivysschee title, which is charged to the moderator of photos based on its quality, artistry or originality in spite of the number of points awarded to it by the authors.
  • Recommending PHOTO - Photo of recommended authors have pro status.
  • MOST RATED FOR LAST 4 HOURS - photos with the highest number of points for a period of time 4 hours. This rating is not face the site and carries a purely competitive effect. Images sent in the rating is anonymous in which are hidden the names of the authors (the owner and commentators).
  • BEST VIEWED - fotogroafii the highest number of hits over the past 24 hours.
  • BEST OF THE WEEK - fotogroafii the highest number of balls in the last 7 days.
  • SMS VOTING - option plan to promote photography. SMS is displayed in galleries 24 hours after sending the last SMS to the given fotografiiyu.
  • Any member of PHOTODOM.COM can create a community (maximum 3 communities per user).
  • The community should have a specific purpose and meaning.
  • The creator of the community become the administrator of the community and should give a sonorous name to community (but not more than three words), create the logo of community, describe essence and purpose of the community and describe the rules of the community.
  • Community Administrator - choose moderators personally, who will recommend photos in this community.
  • At the main page will show communities that have passed moderation and approved by the administration of PHOTODOM.COM
    • DO NOT:
    • Use logo of communities, without having the copyright.
    • Creating a provocative communities.
    • Give the provocative name of the community.
  • SMS Service from a third party and not the property of the PHOTODOM.COM website.
  • Site administration is not responsible for the loss of voice or some other technical failure, and does not return any moterialnoy compensation.
  • If you have any questions relating to this service, please contact directly with the operator of the service.
  • Гранитный щебень в мешках купить щебень в мешках.